The Club Nautico Vincenzo Florio founded primarily for nautical sports activities and competitive. Over the years there has been a need for a pleasant venue where members could also have socio-cultural recreational activities, in the image and likeness of the most prestigious clubs in Europe.

More and more domestic and foreign yachts and yachts call at Palermo, Club Nautico Vincenzo Florio is among the only structurally able to offer an adequate hospitality, with a lively and warm welcome, worthy of the traditional Sicilian hospitality and able to make you feel the 'guests feel at home as if he were in "his" Club; what does is continue that tradition that Florio had established with the Cozy Club Villa Igiea frequented by the international jet set. In fact in the past, to the times of Vincenzo Florio, the tuna Arenella has been a meeting point for all the characters of high society, culture, entertainment and current passing through Palermo.


The Club has its headquarters in the old Tonnara Florio Arenella, once the retreat of Vincenzo Florio, who, in addition to the trap feature, has the bodies of particular interest in the factory as the "four laces" built in neo-Gothic style by Giachery in 1890. Inside has a full green crowned by the ancient walls of the trap garden and well guarded by the watchful eyes of the statues of the old Florio, which forms a small oasis of coolness and exudes history, ideal for a nice home where play the social and recreational activities.

The Club is therefore committed to maintain the standing of its headquarters also in the services offered to members.


In addition to a highly efficient "marina" for passing boats and residents it has been realized between the inner atrium garden of the villa and the area in front of the mooring area, a space all the more pleasant, an ideal setting for an elegant dinner, a business cocktails or an evening of relaxation.

The attention paid in the rendering of services, attention to detail, elegance and at the same time the same simplicity that reigns within the Circle offer to shareholders, even in transit, unforgettable moments.